How to Shop DH Gate


When you click a link that I have attached , it takes you to DH gate website or app.  The first thing you’ll notice is that this looks like it’s just a plain leather item or it may not be the exact item you want or I pictured on the email. Majority, if not all suppliers photoshop their images so you cannot see the print of it. Since selling d u p e s is frowned upon, having listings that hides the print saves the listing from being taken down. This is where the reviews come in handy. If you scroll all the way down you will see the reviews people have left for this product, and you can see that it’s obviously not the same as the picture they posted on their listing. Under Reviews with pictures you will see the item with logos and the item you are probably wanting. The good thing is i have already done all this for you! 

 Step by step to order items:
1. Click the Link I have attached for the item
2.Click Add to Cart or Buy now
3. depending if you are still shopping or just wanting that one item
you will then select the color option you want
some will ask if you want a box/ no box or sizing
may be an option with some of the styles and shoes of course.
4.Then add the quantity you want
5. Then you will continue to check out with your shipping information and your payment
and will submit your order.

You will receive tracking and order confirmation and everything via email just like ordering from a boutique or can also track it all in the app if you make an account and the app is free on Apple. Just make sure you always start with a link from me so I can get the credit 🙂 That means the world to me! Happy Shopping and I hope this helps! Please do not hesitate to message me on Instagram if you have any questions ever!    

Since we are here and you are ready to shop! Here are some of my favorite DH gate finds that I am loving. Also feel free to message me on Instagram or reply to this email if I can help you find anything in particular.

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